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Just a little introduction to who is behind c2-interiors.com and how it has come to be?

With a career primarily built in the field of Retail Merchandising and Design, I have had a great deal of exposure to many creative outlets from Food, Fashion, Art, Interiors, Interior Décor & Styling. My ability to be creatively versatile and detail oriented has been engrained through all of my work experiences.

Moving from the big city of Toronto into the countryside and becoming a Mom has been a transition. It did however allow me to explore a different outlet, “the World of Coffee” definitely my everyday beverage of choice (Wine a close second but, only occasionally or when someone or something drives me to drink… adding humour!!).

Why the world of Coffee?… you may ask!


Retail Stylist, Retail Merchandising, Retail Style, Caledon, ON

My husbands idea firstly! and, there was a definite need in our area at the time.  There were no cafés or great fair-trade Coffee around. The words Bica, Espresso, Cappuccino, and Latte were non existent. Coming from a Portuguese background with Italian relations in the mix, how could I pass up on my husbands vision to bring Espresso into the Countryside? No, he is not Portuguese or Italian (even though he looks the part) and I’m not a writer (but now have to act the part). This is where I tell you that you will be seeing more creative inspirations and short content because I am definitely a visual person. Now back to Husband and Coffee…His short stint dabbling in the world of cycling, adventure racing and living in the big city introduced him to our roaster (who is a world leader in being ethical and  environmentally sound with the roasting of their coffee beans)…thank… you know who, whomever, or what you believe in!

Working on the design, menu, marketing and social media aspects of the business allowed me to have a creative outlet, which I was truly thankful for.  I placed emphasis on being environmentally conscious with not only the food and container products we used and served, but also with some of the design details. Running a small business with high level standards ( yes, we had core values and a mission statement)  required 24/7 attention.   Having young ones, a small dog (with a big name) in tow, and the fact that this wasn’t my husband’s primary business; just a vision he wanted to create (follow your dreams they say!), we found it difficult to balance everything at the time. We had the business for 7 years and not without it’s challenges, so we decided to close up shop October, 2013. Having a definitive passion for creativity “the World of Interiors” not only intrigues me but, comes organically through my work and life experiences.

So here we are! This is how c2-interiors.com has come to be.

Yes, I will be blogging, selling coffee, and when I can?  I will continue Designing and Decorating Interior Spaces…maybe even yours???
  • How things should look in a space?
  • What colours to use in a renovation?
  • How to group a setting for that perfect photograph?
  • What decor suits your party theme? How to make or bake something fun (on some Blog Posts)?

…these are all questions that I love exploring, and love answering (so you need to keep visiting me here “lucky me”).

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I created an efficient format to help expedite the process of helping clients with their inquiries.

As a Designer and Artisan and the fact that I primarily come from a retail background, the thought of selling something you “really, really would like” (memorize this mantra) will be exciting and fun!

 Visit Our Shop!  where I have designed, produced and sourced unique, Artisan and Designer quality items, with an emphasis on Designer and Canadian Made ! Oh Yes, I have created a new concept for Coffee that will enhance any Interior.


Welcome and Thanks for the visit! Hope to see you back real soon!
Eddie Cimbron-Corner, Residential Stylist