Commercial Design and Decorating

Your business space is an extension of your business. Whether it’s a Retail Store, Café or Small Office the environment you create is important for your business image. It is a statement you are making about the workplace you have created. Whether its a neat, clean, organized, and fun place to shop, eat, and work. The space sets the tone for who and what your company or business is about. These characteristics can be portrayed to your customer, clients, or potential customers, and clients. The workplace environment can even have an effect on the production of your employees on a day to day basis.

Creating a space that people enjoy going into is a favourite. I have lived through this myself from the inception and designing of our own Café to the many years of creating Visual Display Designs and Merchandising for prominent retailers in Canada and the USA.

"Be Happy" is infectious and when you work in a space that makes you happy imagine, How that transcends to others?


We can work and consult with you on any or all of these components Design, Layout and Floor plan, Fixtures, Visual Merchandising and Display. Working with commercial spaces to make them welcoming and inviting for employees, customers, and clients.

Simple Steps can always be taken in creating a fun workplace and unique retail space

  • Adding home touches to your office space or retail space
  • Creating Visual Displays and Merchandising retail spaces and showrooms for profit and customer retention
  • Designing your space or showroom to reflect your brand from colour to materials (see Colour and Materials below)
  • Floor plan and Layout of a work space or retail store ( see Floorpan and Layout below)
I can make colour choosing simple !

Having the ability to take you through the process of choosing colour not only with a trained eye but, to work with you on trade techniques that help narrow down the choices to getting your space to reflect your brand.

I also work with you to create a cohesive package for your brand image. Knowing how to add colour to a space?, What colours to work with? Where and when to stop with Colour? These are all things we can answer.

The balance of colour is key to making a space reflect your brand and bring that touch of detail to an environment that can set your space apart from others.


Floor Plans & Layout

I will help you execute your floor plan and layout. Working one of the key aspects the flow, of your commercial space, to maximize capacity and in retail applications to impact your bottom line.

Knowing how to utilize your space is crucial! Needing help with?...the layout of furniture, fixtures and product?. Many don’t realize the impact that the floor plan and layout could have on your bottom line of a business.

We can apply these best practices to office, retail, and hospitality spaces.

We have developed a way to expedite this process to make your Commercial Space "happy place to be in"...

Commercial E-Design Service
  • Simply fill out the Questionnaire
  • Attach photos of space or floor plan (include measurements)
  • You will be contacted for consultation including a fixed hourly fee (depending on your requirements)
Fill out the questionnaire by clicking on the picture to the right...