Event Design and Decorating

As an extension of my creative capabilities I am also offering my services for bespoke event design and event decorating for residential or small venues. Having worked on some key Events in the past including fashion, birthday parties, showers, and weddings etc…for work, friends and family has brought me to offer this service.

Knowing how to coordinate and design one of a kind events and details is definitely a specialty. The attention to visual details is one of the ways to make events stand out from one another.

Having your guests enjoy the space and food at an event is important but, making your event memorable not only for your guests and for you too is imperative!!

festive Easter decor

Hosting an event or party in its self is a lot of work. That is why we wanted to make this an extension of our services offered here at c2-interiors.com because you can leave all or some of the creative thinking and executing to me.

“Devil is in the details” they say! When it comes to details that is where my strength lies. As an extension of my Interior Decorating services I am available to Decorate your home for the holidays. When transforming interiors for the Holiday season I source out unique Greenery, Florals, and Props. Here I am using one of my favourite hashtags #doingitall. I love to do it all not only because of my experience but my passion to create. (see Holiday Decorating Service below)

Simple steps to make your event memorable

  • Working with a theme is key
  • Adding unique elements and details to your event
  • Creating an ambience the make people feel welcome

Theme and Inspiration

Party theme and inspiration

Now a days with all the access we have via social media and computers you can google up anything you want to be inspired by. Clients sometimes want to replicate what others have done but, as an Artist, Designer and Creative person I want clients to modify from these inspirations and take things to another creative level and make it their own. Having a theme is crucial! It will help to set the tone of the event from all aspects. I have the ability to implement key details that enhance your event and make it one of a kind. Even though there has been various floral garden themed events the little nuances that were created for this event in particular helped to make it just a little extra special and customized from all other floral garden themed events.

Pictured above are some some examples of how I took a floral garden theme and added all the details to make this Event extra special and memorable.
Holiday Decorating
What better way to spend the holidays getting ready for all the other things one has to take care of. I offer a holiday decorating in home service to spruce up your interiors and give you those extra special decor touches that I have learned through my experience in the retail and design trade.

Taking care of your greenery, planters, and all your holiday interior needs. What a great gift?? this service would be!!… for you, or someone who just doesn’t have the time and/or patients to put it all together, especially at one of the most busiest times of the year!

I source out unique Greeneries, Florals and Props to make your interiors extra special for this seasonal time of year or, we use what you currently have and spruce it up in another way that makes your Holiday Decor look fresh and new.

It might be an extra expense and you may think that is a novelty service for this time of year but, when you can sit back, relax, get your shopping done and take care of planning your family dinners and parties think about how much time and energy you can save.

We have developed a way to expedite this process to make your Event and Decor memorable ...

Event Decor or Event Styling E-Design Service

  • Simply fill out the questionnaire
  • Attach an inspirational image
  • We will discuss options further through Pinterest boards and additional images Measurements (if required)
  • You will be contacted for consultation including a fixed or hourly fee (depending on your requirements)


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