Residential Design and Interior Decorating

Are you planning to stay and renovate or placing your home on the selling market?

When Decorating your space to stay or staging it to sell, one of my specialties is to work with what you have and change it up !! Knowing that Renovations can be costly where and how to spend your money? is crucial, I can help!

I take what you have and make your space more current by giving it a new freshness along, with recommendations to add value to your space.

I can do this by adding to and using some of the pieces you have or, using all of the pieces you currently own and re arranging them. Having an innate ability to make your space more welcoming and inviting with some cost savings benefits to you.


I really do love to change it up so, if you are needing to really change up your space and give it a complete makeover or moving into a new home, I am more than happy to help with this too. I can design, source, and point you in the right direction to get the right pieces and layout needed to make your space more inviting and coordinated.

I also love to add and work with different materials such as wood, metal, and stone. Adding the right balance of these materials in residential design is a personal favourite and signature style. Adding these elements can make your home become a unique personal space.

Let your interiors have a warm and inviting feeling...this is our specialty!!

Simple Steps can always be taken whether your planning to stay or go!

  • De-cluttering
  • Appropriate Furniture Arrangement or finding the pieces that make your space more appealing
  • Maximizing flow of space ( see floor plan and layout below)
  • Adding unique elements and materials to make your space have it's own personal style
  • Knowing what and how to choose the right colours (see colour consulting and materials below)

"I can also add special touches to your Interiors for the Holiday Seasons Visit our Event Design and Decorating Page to see our specialty service from Florals to Greenery!"

Colour and Material Consulting

I can make paint colour choosing simple! Having the ability to take you through the process of choosing paint colour not only with a trained eye but, also working with you on trade techniques that help narrow down the choices. Through the right colour selection I can help to create the warmness that you want your home to convey. Knowing how to add colour and what is the right colour for your space is crucial to the over all feeling.
Adding warmness with different elements is definitely a favourite in our interior design and decorating repertoire. I love to achieve this especially with materials such as wood, metal, stone and textured fabrics. Combing some or all can make your space one will definitely enjoy coming home too!

Working with Architectural floorplan drawings to get the right layout and flow of the space you will be living in is key.

We look at How it will layout for you? and, How you plan to live in the space?.

We discuss whether some structural adjustments have to be or can be made before building begins. This will save the process of building sometime and unneeded costly adjustments that may arise later during the building phase.

We have developed a simple way to help expedite the process of making your Interiors inviting and warm...

Interior Styling E-Design Service

  • Simply fill out the Questionnaire
  • Attach photos of the space or floor plan (include measurements)
  • You will be contacted for consultation including a fixed or hourly fee (depending on your requirements)
Fill out the questionnaire by clicking on the picture on the right...