Tablescape Workshop A Modern Take on Tradition

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Tablescape Workshop A Modern Take on Tradition

Just in time for the Holidays…

 Tablescape Workshop

“a Modern Take on Tradition”

tablescape. Noun. (plural tablescapes) An artistic arrangement of articles on a table.

Yes, its a busy time of year and fitting in any extra to do’s on your

Christmas list can be challenging!

Spending a little extra can be challenging at this time of year as well

But, if you plan properly and take the time to save a little extra to do something special,

then my recent Tablescape Workshop (presented by @joyscoutlearnshops) would have been the perfect gift for you to give yourself  or someone on your list.

After many years of creative experience and knowledge I wanted to do something different as a way to give back to myself and others.

What better time then this time of year!

So I went back into my creative archives and erected the skills taught to me many years ago by old world faux painting masters.

With this in mind, I wanted to incorporate the old world painting techniques taught to me and give them a little modern spin.

Tablescape Workshop A Modern Take on Tradition

The workshop emphasis was placed on tablescaping and with my experience in event design and styling the most creative way to

use the paint technique was going to be for me, to somehow incorporate the paint technique onto the centrepieces (pictured above),

because centrepiece arrangements are usually the focal point of tablescaping.

Attendees of this workshop not only got taught as I like to call it “an old world paint technique for the modern ages” and apply

it to their very own floral vase base, they also arranged their own centrepiece with fresh greens.  They also got instructed with tips and tricks to

collaborate and put together the details of the tablescape and set the room for a picture perfect moment.


Transforming the Room

with details that are unconventional and creative, this is by far my favourite part of Event Design and Styling.

As you can see from the pics below…
Tablescape Workshop a Modern Take on Tradition


Tablescape Workshop a Modern Take on Tradition

for us Designers it really is about the details!

What better way to have and incorporate fun, unique, and memorable details than a Tablescape place setting…


Here I sourced unique and modern plates and utensils to incorporate the theme.

By adding lots of fun details like the painted snowflake chargers, wire Christmas trees, gradient colour of Christmas ball ornaments and candles, cheese cloth runner,

and ribbon name tags, to your tablescape; not only will this enhance the theme of your event set up, it will also enhance the experience of your guests.

Fun Fact:

The fierce Vikings in Scandinavia thought that evergreens were the special plant of the sun god, Balder. Germany is credited with starting the Christmas tree tradition as we now know it in the 16th century when devout Christians brought decorated trees into their homes.


 Tablescape Workshop a Modern Take on Tradition

Keeping things unique and different for me are always a must!

There are many traditions at Christmas time and many ways to decorate.

The Modern touches added to the traditional setting that this Workshop was held in, were done subtly to add unique and special details that complimented the space.



As mentioned in some of my previous blog posts for me here,  it’s about being creative, and having fun!

Christmas is always a special time for me, it brings back so many creative memories of the special touches my dad use to add to

our home Interiors.  Christmas was the beginning of where my passion for Creativity was born!

May we stay Creative, Enjoy the simple things,

have lots of Fun and Laughter the motto of

my Tablescape Workshop

and my wish to you for

this Christmas Season!














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      Thank you for taking time out of your day to share in this creative experience and for your kind words and support.
      Make it a Styling Day!

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